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Professional R & D, production of stage lighting products series

11 years to do one thing, professional lighting supplies stage

Domestic and foreign well-known brand accessories supplier;

Products are widely used in KTV, KTV, large-scale concert, multi-functional conference room, etc.;

Factory direct sales, no intermediate business links, more provincial costs;

Shining light is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, installation and commissioning.;

Have independent research and development board, motor capability

Each product upside down test for at least eight hours;

Reduce the undesirable product caused by the shock of the product in transit;

Have stage lights of the most advanced models;

Shining lighting products more cost-effective, accounting for your cost;

Quality assurance, strengthProvide part of the product OEM cooperation

Shining lighting products more cost-effective, accounting for your cost;

Safe no radiation, no ultraviolet, high life, the theoretical service life of up to 100000 hours.

Provide a pair of stage lighting procurement servicesProvide the most professional tableware procurement consultation for you to tailor the procurement scheme
To provide a to each of the customers need to purchase a pair of stage lighting procurement services, we can combine your purchasing needs, to develop a complete set of procurement program for you.
Year free warranty, solve your worries! your satisfaction is always the pursuit of shining light

Provide custom installation solution to debug, save installation cost for customers

Product within a year of free warranty, the industry's first!

Lifelong free to provide more comprehensive technical support.


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